aaa auto insurance
aaa auto insurance

If you’re considering purchasing AAA auto insurance, it can be helpful to review WalletHub’s review of the company. Here you’ll learn about the company’s Rates, Coverage, and Customer service. AAA is a popular choice among Americans and has a reputation for providing excellent customer service. However, it’s important to read the fine print before signing up. The following are some tips to help you find a plan that fits your needs.

WalletHub’s review of aaa auto insurance

WalletHub’s review of AAA auto insurance compares the company’s various coverage options, benefits, and pricing in seven categories. While individual rates may differ, AAA is well-known for its value for money. If you have a high-deductible policy, this company might be the way to go. The company also offers an umbrella policy and life and health insurance, among other products and services.

WalletHub’s review of AAA auto insurance rates the company very favorably. The company consistently receives high customer satisfaction ratings, and has a complaint ratio of 0.55, which is significantly lower than the industry average. Among AAA’s many positives are its hassle-free claims process and speedy roadside assistance. However, some customers have criticized the company for increasing premiums and difficult cancellation of policies.

AAA auto insurance rates vary widely based on age and driving history. For example, teenagers cannot qualify for discounts if they are members of AAA. Furthermore, customers have complained about long wait times and difficulty obtaining claims approval. Customers also report that the AAA website is not easy to navigate, and does not meet the claims response time it promises. On the other hand, AAA offers a variety of coverage options and discounts for members, including discounts on car rentals, hotel stays, and credit cards.

Another reason AAA is a good choice is their reputation as a financially stable carrier. AAA auto insurance has an A+ rating from A.M. Best, which is a strong indication of financial stability. AAA is also very affordable, with low monthly premiums. If you’re shopping for car insurance, make sure the company has the financial stability to pay its claims and provide the necessary coverage.


Whether you are looking for low-cost or high-end coverage, AAA auto insurance can offer you both. Premiums for full coverage typically start at about $1,948, while minimum coverage with AAA is $672. Rates vary by driver history, including at-fault accidents, speeding tickets, and poor credit. The following are some things you should know about AAA auto insurance. And remember that rates will go up with your driving history.

AAA is more generous than other insurance companies with regards to accident history. The company was more generous with AAA when it came to recent accidents, whereas State Farm and Progressive raised rates more significantly. When choosing an insurance policy, make sure you look for companies that have a reputation for prompt service. AAA offers a crash assist program, which will help you file a claim if you have an accident. AAA also offers rental cars and towing services, so they can take care of everything for you.


AAA car insurance provides standard limits and coverage, such as property damage liability and bodily injury. Other benefits include multiple discounts and concierge claims services. The company divides bodily injury coverage and limits into two categories: per-person and per-accident. Unless your state requires you to purchase a separate policy for property damage, you should consider the basic coverage. A AAA auto insurance coverage review will explain how it works and what to look for.

Consumers consistently give AAA high ratings. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners rates AAA insurance brokers Excellent, and the company offers a range of discounts. In addition, AAA collects data from dozens of auto insurance providers and formulates a list of the most reputable insurers. Companies are given scores in various categories and an overall weighted score of 5.0 stars. However, consumers should be aware of some disadvantages associated with AAA.

One advantage of AAA insurance is that you are not required to carry their policy. You can purchase separate insurance from other companies, such as from an online provider. AAA insurance companies have different rates, so be sure to shop around and compare them. If you are a member of one of these clubs, you can often get discounts from their partners. This way, you can get the best possible rates on your auto insurance policy. In addition to this, AAA membership also comes with discounts from partner companies. Finally, you can also purchase rental reimbursement for your vehicle, which covers the costs of a car when it is being repaired.

AAA auto insurance coverage reviews compare prices from various companies. Typically, liability insurance costs the most, so it is important to choose the right plan for you. The coverage that you choose will depend on the information you provide. However, you can enjoy benefits like roadside assistance as a member. This coverage is crucial to your financial security. There are several other types of AAA car insurance coverage, including collision and comprehensive. You can read more about them here.

Customer service

AAA auto insurance customer service is known for being above average, according to consumer complaints. In fact, the company receives an overall score of 0.55 on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ complaint index. While this is far below the national average, it is significantly better than many of the auto insurance companies in the industry. AAA’s customers appreciate its stress-free claims process and rapid roadside assistance. However, some consumers have expressed concerns about premium increases and difficulties canceling policies.

For a quicker response, try contacting Aaa through multiple methods. Live chat is available to customers via telephone, and you can also send direct messages through their social media pages. Alternatively, you can post your feedback on social media, such as Instagram or YouTube. If you are able to post a comment there, Aaa auto insurance customer service may respond and provide assistance. If you’re not able to reach someone via telephone or email, use social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

Before calling AAA, ensure you have the membership number you need in front of you. This number is usually located on your welcome letter, billing statement, or card. It’s important to be able to present documentation if your concerns are related to financials. Additionally, make sure that you send your letter via certified mail. This will provide tracking information and delivery confirmation, and alert the company to the nature of your dispute. It’s also best to keep copies of all correspondence so you can refer back to it if necessary.

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