auto insurance for seniors
auto insurance for seniors

If you are over 65 and are concerned about the cost of auto insurance, you can save money on your coverage by taking driving safety courses. The AARP, AAA, National Safety Council, and state agencies offer such classes. If you have a good driving record and have been in accidents less frequently, you may qualify for a lower car insurance rate. You can also qualify for lower rates if you drive less often than most people do. Infrequent drivers are also rewarded with lower insurance rates. Make sure to report the mileage you drive to your insurance company and avoid being charged for additional coverage.


GEICO offers a number of discount auto insurance plans for senior drivers. These discounts include multi-car discounts, government employee discount, and accident forgiveness. You can also find coverage for up to four cars under one policy. The policy renewal is guaranteed as long as the driver meets the minimum age requirement. Seniors can benefit from Geico’s Prime Time program, which offers guaranteed policy renewal for those age 50 and up. Those who qualify for this program should have no more than three traffic violations on their driving record in the past three years, no driving accidents, and no commercial driving.

Many seniors downsize their vehicles after retirement. GEICO auto insurance for seniors will pay for rental cars up to your policy limit, so if your car is totaled, your insurance company will replace it with a comparable new model. This type of coverage is ideal for senior drivers who are used to driving and aren’t accustomed to a large amount of insurance premiums. However, it is important to remember that if you’re over 60, you’ll probably have to pay a higher premium than a younger driver.

The cheapest car insurance for senior citizens is available through Geico, USAA, and Esurance. These companies have strong customer service and high ratings from WalletHub editors. Although the price of a senior policy can be higher than that of a younger driver, Geico has the best overall rates. In fact, minimum-coverage Geico auto insurance for seniors can cost as low as $763 a year.


If you’re a senior driver, consider AARP’s auto insurance for seniors policy. It includes standard policy features and additional benefits that senior drivers will appreciate. One of these benefits is RecoverCare, a benefit for older drivers that provides temporary assistance for household tasks after a covered accident. This could include house cleaning, yard work, and grocery shopping. Although coverage amounts vary, many policies cover up to $2,500 in home services during the first six months of an accident. These benefits are a boon for senior drivers who often find themselves unable to complete their daily tasks, such as lawn mowing and cooking.

AARP’s auto insurance for seniors comes with exclusive discounts. These include discounts for member-driven vehicles, defensive driving courses, and energy-efficient cars. Additionally, the company offers a loyalty discount if you purchase your insurance policy with them. You can save money by bundling both auto and home policies with AARP auto insurance. For seniors who are not interested in purchasing an insurance policy from AARP, there are several options available.

Some of the other benefits of AARP auto insurance for seniors include car towing coverage and a disappearing deductible benefit. The latter is beneficial for those who have had one or more accidents, and it protects you from financial hardship if another motorist is found to be at fault. The latter is a good option for seniors because it can cover the cost of replacing a car. Further, the deductible on the collision and medical coverage is often lower than that on a standard insurance policy.

While there are some nuances that are specific to AARP auto insurance for seniors, the company’s overall reputation is excellent. For instance, AARP’s financial strength rating is better than that of AAA. The company’s underwriter received an “A+” rating from A.M. Best. This indicates that it is financially stable and has the ability to meet its obligations. Its overall rating is a positive reflection on its customer service.


USAA auto insurance for senior citizens offers competitive rates, and many of the same discounts as older drivers can also be applied to younger drivers. The company offers discounts for combining several types of insurance, including car insurance and homeowners insurance, and for those who drive less than a certain number of miles per year. In addition to low rates, USAA offers friendly customer service and a high rating. In fact, the company recently ranked as the top car insurance company in the world, according to the J.D. Power study.

The insurance editorial team at Bankrate obtained average premiums from Quadrant Information Services, an organization that analyzes the largest insurance companies by market share. Then they analyzed the rates for seniors to see which company offered the best value. After that, they analyzed the financial strength rating of the company, customer satisfaction scores from J.D. Power, and available discounts to determine which auto insurance company is best for senior drivers. Using this information, they chose USAA as a top pick.

In addition to the auto insurance for senior citizens, USAA offers other services to military families. These services are beneficial for military families, as USAA can offer discounts for their policyholders. A USAA mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices. These apps can give users secure and convenient access to their accounts. Other services and benefits available from USAA include financial literacy classes and retirement planning. While USAA focuses on military coverage, it also offers home insurance that covers a wide range of circumstances. Among the many benefits of USAA home insurance for seniors include coverage for liability and identity theft. Additionally, USAA offers replacement cost coverage.

When shopping for car insurance for senior citizens, it’s vital to compare quotes from three or four different companies. Some insurers offer lower rates for seniors if their driving habits have changed. By comparing prices, discounts, and renewal guarantees, it’s possible to find the right policy for senior citizens. By making comparisons across three car insurance companies, seniors can easily find affordable car insurance for senior citizens. Aside from that, the company offers the best price for military families and active duty members.


Many of the features of Nationwide auto insurance for seniors are similar to those offered by other insurance companies, but some are unique to the company. For example, a good student discount is available to those who complete a state-approved safety course. Drivers can also receive discounts if they install anti-theft devices. They can also sign up for automatic payments, which can lower their monthly premiums. Nationwide also offers free annual insurance evaluations, so it’s important to speak with an agent to determine which coverages are best for your needs.

In general, car insurance for seniors may cost more than for younger drivers, and this is true in most states. This is because older drivers tend to have more accidents than younger drivers and suffer greater injuries. In addition, they are more likely to have accidents that result in serious injuries. As a result, insurers tend to pass these costs on to policyholders. In addition, seniors may have higher auto insurance deductibles, which will lower your premiums.

Lastly, you can save more money with Nationwide by bundling home and auto insurance. The two companies offer similar insurance policies, but the difference between the two is deductibles. A low deductible means that you pay less each month. If you are a good driver, you may qualify for discounts from AARP or AAA. You may also qualify for a group rate discount if you belong to professional associations.

Another way to save money on your auto insurance for seniors is to take a defensive driving course. Many insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who pass a defensive driving course. Find an approved course, sign up, and complete the course. Then present your completion certificate to your insurance company to receive a discount. It may take a few months for the discount to appear on your policy. This method can save you money, so make sure to check with your insurer before making a decision.


AARP offers RecoverCare auto insurance for seniors. This standard offering pays for expenses incurred following a car accident, including lawn mowing, dog walking, and meal preparation. It can also help elderly people get around by providing transportation services. Call a toll-free number for help, and a representative will come to your home if necessary. RecoverCare is a good option for those who own a car outright, but may also need help with driving.

RecoverCare auto insurance for seniors is offered by Hartford, which also offers AARP discounts. Its coverage options are adequate and it includes a home emergency fund. The Hartford also ranks high in customer satisfaction and claims satisfaction. It is a solid company that offers great value. However, it may not be right for all senior drivers. It is important to shop around for the right auto insurance for seniors before choosing a policy.

While insurance rates are generally higher for older drivers, they are lower than for younger drivers. Insurers take into consideration age, driving history, and claims history to determine premiums. Seniors should try to drive less or commute by public transportation or grocery delivery services. These changes can reduce premium costs. The best way to save money on auto insurance for seniors is to understand and take advantage of discounts. For example, if you’ve never had any accidents, you might qualify for a reduction in premiums.

AARP members are eligible for special discounts on auto insurance. The Hartford AARP program was designed with senior drivers in mind. It offers a no-cancellation guarantee. Additionally, RecoverCare covers expenses that Medicare doesn’t cover, including lawn care, snow removal, and transportation services. These savings can add up quickly! For seniors looking for affordable car insurance, AARP offers the RecoverCare auto insurance for seniors program.

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