How to Use Auto Life in World of Warcraft

world of warcraft
world of warcraft

If you’re playing a character that can cast spells, auto life is a good option to have in your arsenal. This ability plays an animation when your target’s HP reaches zero, and sets the amount of HP recovered to 10%. It also makes a damage popup appear when it’s time to heal. If you’re using an auto life spell, make sure you have a lot of health and HP, and it will help you survive a large amount of damage.


Auto-Phoenix is a passive ability that can be used by any character with job level 11. It is activated by placing a phoenix feather on an ally in the K.O. state. It costs 2 slots to equip, and will not activate during Bravely Second. Princess Goblins and Diva Serafie can both use this ability. However, it’s also useful in certain situations.

The Auto-Phoenix is similar to Auto-Life, but uses an armor ability instead. The spell essentially revives your party members when they are killed. It resurrects them with 25 percent of their maximum HP. You can find Auto-Life in Yuna’s part of the normal Sphere Grid, behind one level four lock and three level 2 locks. The spell is not available in the Expert Grid, and you must wait until Yuna is done with her path to access it.


Auto-Life is an ability that allows you to revive a target who has zero HP. This ability plays a special animation when a target’s HP reaches 0 and they enter a death state. Auto-Life’s recovery amount is set to 10% and the damage popup appears when the target receives a heal. The effect is both amusing and chilling. To learn how to use Auto-Life, read on.

Auto-Life is a White Magic spell that can revive party members automatically after they are defeated. This ability brings them back to life with at least 25% of their maximum HP. It is found in Yuna’s normal Grid, behind a level 4 lock. It isn’t locked in the Expert Grid, and is best used during daytime. However, it is not easy to find, so be prepared to make a significant pilgrimage.

The downsides of Auto-Life are mainly its cost and casting time. Its effect is not infinite and must be reapplied manually after each use. In addition, Auto-Phoenix is a more useful spell for daily use. So, if you’re a mage and want to avoid using Auto-Life frequently, it’s better to use Auto-Phoenix. You’ll get much more bang for your buck if you know how to use Auto-Life.

The downside of Auto-Life is that it costs 12 Magic Stones to equip. But it’s worth the price, as it can save your life at 1 HP and give you another chance to fight. This ability is valuable for support players, but it’s also quite expensive. Whether or not you’ll be using it, make sure you know what to do when applying it to your deck. You’ll want to know how to apply Auto-Life properly, so that you don’t waste too many resources.

Casting requirements

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The spell is only available in the daytime. You can’t use it on enemies. However, you can use it to revive defeated party members. This spell can restore 25% of your HP to your party members. You must have at least Lv. 4 to cast Auto-Life. You can also find it on the expert Sphere Grid in Rikku’s path. Casting Auto-Life costs 97 MP and can’t be reflected. It also doesn’t work on enemy creatures and does not regenerate HP. It’s best used in the daytime because it’s useful and can customize any armor. You can also use it on Cindy of the Magus Sisters to boost your HP recovery after a KO.

The auto life ability protects your party from ailments. When used on the entire party, it will protect them from death. When used on the whole party, it is useful when you’re dealing with a boss that deals a lot of damage and afflictions. It is important to remember that Auto-Life requires Auto-Life from all party members. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate this problem. Whether you use the castable spell Hastega on yourself or on your entire party, Auto-Life is the best way to keep the party safe from a death.


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