AARP Auto Insurance Quote – Is it Right For You?

aarp auto insurance quote
AARP Auto Insurance Quote

An AARP auto insurance quote may be a great option for people who are over 50. Not only is the AARP car insurance quote free, but they also provide 24-hour claims support. A representative from the organization surveys customers to ensure that they’re happy with their insurance plan. AARP also tries to keep paperwork and language simple. For more information, visit the AARP website. This article will help you determine whether an AARP auto insurance quote is right for you.


If you are an AARP member and are looking for an affordable auto insurance policy, you are not alone. The AARP auto insurance plan offers members various discounts and perks. In addition to a low premium, this plan includes comprehensive coverage, which pays for damages to your car and other people’s property. To save even more, you can enroll in the TrueLane Program, which provides a discount of up to 25% on your renewal rate when you maintain good driving habits. If you own a hybrid or electric vehicle, you can also get an electric vehicle discount. Finally, you can request a quote online for the lowest AARP auto insurance rates. You can also request a quote by phone.

In addition to AARP membership discounts, AARP auto insurance offers discounts for safe and defensive drivers. These include discounts for AARP membership, low-crime ZIP codes, married status, and defensive driving. There are even discounts for anti-theft devices and avoiding traffic violations. Additionally, AARP auto insurance provides lifelong renewal and 12-month rate protection. In addition to auto coverage, you can also bundle a home insurance policy through AARP to receive a greater discount on both.

AARP offers discounts for good driving records, driving safety courses, and climate-friendly cars. Moreover, the company has its own defensive driving program, which offers discounts for driving safety courses and the completion of a comprehensive driving course within a period of 60 days. As an AARP member, you can enjoy a ten percent reduction in your premium by enrolling in the program. You must remember, however, that these discounts may vary depending on your driving history, vehicle, and location.

Moreover, you can also enroll in the AARP Multi-Vehicle Plan to get the most benefits from the program. These discounts are offered through the AARP website. While you can find AARP auto insurance quotes online, it is important to compare them to other insurance companies to find the best rate. While AARP auto insurance offers a range of discounts, Progressive offers a more unique and comprehensive roadside assistance program.

Financial strength rating

The American Association of Retired Persons, or AARP, offers a variety of insurance products through its affiliated company, the Hartford Group. The nonprofit organization was founded in 1958 by a retired professor in California and has more than 38 million members. Its BBB rating is good, and the company has a good financial strength rating from AM Best. It has received mostly positive customer reviews, but there are some complaints, too. AARP has a solid BBB rating and a good AM Best financial strength rating.

In the past, AARP has consistently received high customer service scores from J.D. Power and other organizations. Although it does not receive official ranking, it maintains the highest financial strength rating from AM Best. The company offers unique features for military service members such as discounts on vehicle storage while deployed, automatic payments, and roadside assistance. AARP car insurance is affordable, has excellent discounts, and is backed by the company’s solid financial health.

Customer complaint ratio

As an AARP member, you are entitled to excellent customer service, and you should expect that AARP auto insurance will do the same. Its overall ratings are better than average. According to J.D. Power’s 2019 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, the Hartford ranked sixth among 20 insurers for claims servicing, estimation process, repair and settlement. In addition, the Complaint Index of AARP auto insurance is 0.91, which means it has a high level of customer satisfaction and few complaints compared to the average insurer of its size.

To find out which companies have the lowest complaint ratio, the NAIC provides information on insurance company complaints. Those with complaint ratios higher than 1.0 were considered better than those with low complaints. The Hartford offers a robust online platform that allows users to create an account log-in and manage all of their insurance policies in one place. In addition, the company’s mobile app gives you all of the same functionality that the online portal offers.

While the complaint index is helpful in identifying insurers that offer the best overall service, it is not sufficient. Consumers should consider their own individual needs when choosing an insurance policy, and use the complaint index as a tiebreaker. There are many other factors to consider, including premium cost, service and benefits. But the most important factor is how much coverage you need and the cost of premium. With that in mind, the AARP auto insurance website is a great place to begin your search. It has plenty of relevant information on the company’s site, including auto insurance definitions and the customer complaint index.


While the average consumer might be satisfied with the price of AARP auto insurance, a few of its features may not be worth paying extra for. Its customer service rating is below average at the BBB, and it received a few more complaints than its competitors. The insurance company also received lower ratings for claims satisfaction on sites such as Trustpilot and ConsumerAffairs. However, the company does offer numerous easy-to-access contact options if you have any questions.

Aarp car insurance discounts are generally comparable to those offered by other major insurers in the U.S. You can also receive additional discounts by enrolling in its own defensive driving program. AARP’s Smart Driver course can be completed online in 60 days and can qualify you for a 36-month rate discount. AARP offers a number of discounts on auto insurance, but your premium will depend on your age, marital status, and driving history.

AARP auto insurance rates vary by ZIP code, which can affect the cost of the policy. However, this insurance company is well-established in the senior community and has an excellent reputation in servicing senior citizens. Its insurance rates are generally higher than those of other major insurance companies. When choosing a carrier, keep in mind the price when making your decision. There are several additional perks for AARP members, including accident-free driving and discounts for multi-car policies.

Another perk offered by AARP auto insurance is that it offers roadside assistance and a separate claim service line. The AARP claims line is available round the clock, and their website has an online complaint form. You can also contact an AARP agent in your area if you have questions about your policy. However, you can also learn more about auto insurance and its benefits by visiting the AARP website. The website is simple to navigate and contains plenty of relevant information. Whether you need to know about auto insurance or not, AARP can help you decide.

Aarp auto insurance costs an average of $132 per month and is a good deal if you have a clean driving record. Members can take advantage of discounts offered through The Hartford through bundled policies. In addition, they can also bundle homeowners insurance and auto insurance policies to save money. If you are a senior citizen, it is important to keep in mind that you may qualify for a lower rate with the AARP car insurance program.

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