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amy shore

Amy Shore is EVP and Chief Customer Officer at Countrywide, a large US-based financial services company that offers professional and personal insurance, investment products, banking, and other services. Named CCO, she led the sales, operations, and manufacturing functions.

Amy Shore

Amy Shore is president of Nationwide Property and Casualty Sales. Which accounted for $14 billion in revenue. Amy has been in the property and casualty insurance industry for over 30 years and has held several leadership roles in various nationwide divisions. Amy Shore is a Chartered Life and Property/Casualty Underwriter. He has served on the board of the Columbus Symphony as national chair of the nationwide United Way campaign.

She is responsible for driving retention and customer satisfaction. Shore is very involved in his local community. IICF (International Inclusion in Insurance Forum) is a proud member of the organization. She has led numerous charitable efforts, including the nonprofit The Humanity Foundation. Amy’s work at Nationwide demonstrates her strong commitment to inclusion.

Work with the C-Suite

Amy Shore has worked with CEOs, SVPs, and other senior executives for over twenty years. As a CCO, she stepped into the role a year ago with an impressive support team. In her new role, she aimed to define the position and direction of the organization, pulling together internal and external surveys to gather feedback. She has helped organizations Nationwide increase customer satisfaction by enhancing their leadership development programs.

Shore holds the roles of executive vice president and chief customer officer at Nationwide. Which is one of the largest insurance providers in the world. She is responsible for developing the company’s customer strategy and promoting customer retention. Amy Shore has over 30 years of experience in the P&C industry. and serves in various leadership roles in various business functions. She is a member of the nationwide all-women associate resource group and the company’s United Way campaign.

It’s like the precision seen in Amy Shore photography. Attention to detail is paramount. In the corporate landscape, understanding the dynamics within the Comcast corporate office becomes key to effective collaboration.

Connecting CX metrics with business metrics

Building a customer experience management (CX) program is no easy task. This episode features two B2B industry leaders, Sheriff Mityas and Rich Sheridan. who discuss how they succeeded in their respective roles.

Customer experience can be difficult to measure. There are many ways to do it. Many CX practitioners turn to surveys to measure customer feedback. This is an old method. The data you obtain from surveys is not representative of the entire picture and may be misleading.

This doesn’t mean you should stop there. Instead, you should strive to measure your overall customer satisfaction and the value you create for each of your customers. Amy Shore’s research and insights will help you more holistically measure your progress and increase customer loyalty.


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JD Power survey

A recent study compiled by Nationwide ranked them first among insurance companies in the United States. The study ranked life insurance companies based on customer satisfaction. Nationwide showed its strength in every category, including customer satisfaction. Amy Shore incorporated this survey into her incentive plan. She strengthened her customer scorecard by adding a page focused on customer outcomes. Amy needed to establish accountability throughout the organization. She did this by integrating the results into the Associates’ MBO.

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