Examples of Cheap Car Insurance Companies

cheap car insurance companies
cheap car insurance companies

While shopping around for auto insurance, it’s important to choose a company that offers flexible policies, award-winning customer service, and competitive pricing. Here are some examples of cheap car insurance companies. Erie is one of the most popular cheap auto insurance companies, with coverage in 12 states and D.C., so you can rest assured that your policy will be tailored to fit your specific needs. While there are many different car insurance companies, Erie has earned its reputation as one of the most customer-friendly companies around.


Geico is one of the cheapest car insurance companies that still offers adequate coverage. Its policies include the minimum requirements for state laws, which is usually just liability coverage. You can also opt for medical and uninsured motorist coverage. This company also offers several elective discounts, such as money off your premium for completing a defensive driving course or enrolling in a professional organization. These discounts are valuable in the event of an accident, but they do not apply to all drivers.

The company was originally named GEICO to provide insurance for government employees. While it has an extensive national presence, it also has an unimpressive reputation in customer satisfaction surveys. Geico is also friendly to drivers with poor credit. It also offers discounts for being a member of the military, federal employees, and partner groups. Its rates are not very competitive, but GEICO is one of the most affordable car insurance companies.

While Geico boasts of offering cheaper rates than its competitors, you can’t be sure that this company is the best option for you. Insurify’s quote comparison tool makes shopping around easier. Geico’s rates are among the lowest in the country, but they do rise slightly with driving violations. But they are one of the most affordable car insurance companies for people with bad credit. These companies offer affordable rates in a large number of states.

While GEICO may be a bit expensive, this company still offers excellent service. You can get a free car insurance quote online and start saving money immediately. If you have a clean driving record, GEICO is a good choice. There are also discounts for multi-policy drivers and those who have installed antilock brakes and anti-theft systems. You can even get discounts for taking educational driving courses.


USAA offers several discounts to its members, including a 10% discount for new members and discounts for defensive driving courses, new vehicle registration, and good grades. If you’ve been a member of USAA for at least five years, you can also get a good student discount. In addition, USAA’s SafePilot program can save you money by providing you with a 10% discount if you maintain a clean driving record.

USAA is one of the best car insurance companies for military members, offering discounts for completing basic driver’s training courses, being on their parents’ policy for three years, and more. In addition to discount car insurance, USAA offers discounts based on good grades and being a member of the military. It also offers discounts based on membership length and low mileage. If you are a member of the military, you can get a 15% discount on your comprehensive insurance coverage.

Customers have generally positive experiences with USAA. In a recent J.D. Power study of all car insurance providers, USAA earned a score of 909 out of 1,000. Reviews from current and former members of the armed forces highlight USAA’s prompt claims processing and reliable agents. While most reviews mention good customer service, a few complainers also complained about high premiums. It’s worth looking into USAA’s customer reviews before choosing your car insurance.

In addition to the many advantages of USAA’s car insurance, it has good financial strength. The company has an excellent power circle rating and received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The company also received a poor rating from Consumer Affairs (CA), which is a respected body that rates companies according to the quality of customer service. For this reason, USAA is rated two stars by the NAIC.


There are several reasons to choose Erie as your cheap car insurance company. Erie is a reputable company with an outstanding customer service record and affordable premiums. Its rate lock program helps prevent premium increases by limiting increases to policy changes, such as a driver’s age, and does not raise rates due to claims or traffic violations. This feature is especially useful for young drivers, who have recently started driving. It also offers many benefits, such as a variety of discounts and a payment plan for the whole year.

In addition to age, credit rating can also affect the cost of auto insurance. People with “very poor” credit can expect to save around 55% each year, while those with “fair” or “good” credit can save about $491 annually. Moreover, drivers with a clean driving record will likely be offered the cheapest rates. Moreover, their car makes and models will also affect their rates. Therefore, drivers with good credit can expect to pay less for their Erie car insurance policies.

As for the cost of auto insurance, in Erie, PA, the average monthly premium drops only every decade or so. But rates tend to creep up when a person reaches retirement age. And as for gender, female drivers tend to pay less than their male counterparts. While the cost of monthly insurance is similar for both sexes, a person with little experience pays more for coverage than someone with more experience. However, it is important to note that these differences in price do not always reflect the actual cost of insurance.

When comparing the costs of insurance, it is important to check what coverage limits each policy offers. Also, make sure they offer the same deductibles and coverage limits. If you’re a good driver, compare Erie’s rates with those offered by other companies. Look for discounts, such as those for good drivers and people who drive less than 10,000 miles per year. Then choose an Erie cheap car insurance company based on their driving history.

Auto-Owners Insurance

Although Auto-Owners Insurance Co. is a relatively cheap company, the lack of technology and online tools may cause some customers to look elsewhere. As of this writing, this company only operates in 26 states. In addition, their policies are not available directly from the company. To overcome this issue, they offer personalized customer service and a smartphone-based driver safety rating program that can provide significant discounts for safe drivers. But, what makes Auto-Owners Insurance Co. so affordable?

This company works through independent insurance agents. In case of an accident, the collision deductible is waived. Comprehensive and collision coverage will pay for any damages caused by colliding with an animal. Auto-Owners Insurance also lowers the deductible for common losses. The personal property deductible is subtracted from the auto deductible. That way, a customer can have one point of contact for insurance-related questions and claims.

Customers can also take advantage of discounts on additional policies, such as multi-car or multi-policy insurance. Discounts are also available for drivers with multiple vehicle insurance policies and for drivers with a good loss history. Furthermore, policyholders can take advantage of discounts if they opt for electronic document processing and online payments. Additionally, new customers can get a discount for obtaining multiple policies through Auto-Owners.

In addition to competitive rates, Auto-Owners also has an outstanding customer service rating. Customers consistently give Auto-Owners Insurance high marks for customer service. In addition to offering the usual customer service options, Auto-Owners also provides a mobile app and 24-hour roadside assistance. This makes it easy for customers to access their auto insurance policy from wherever they are. So, if you’re looking for affordable car insurance, this is the company for you.

State Farm

If you’re looking for state farm car insurance cheap, you’ve come to the right place. State Farm car insurance offers competitive rates on a variety of policies. You can select higher deductibles and the type of coverage you want to purchase. State Farm also offers roadside assistance services, including towing to a repair shop and fuel delivery, lockout assistance, battery jump-starts, and mechanical labor up to one hour. If your car breaks down and you need a rental, State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save program can reimburse you for it.

In addition to these discounts, State Farm offers multiple line savings discounts. In fact, this discount applies to all policies with the company. As long as you have at least one policy from them, you can save an average of 17 percent on your overall insurance premium. This can really add up! By taking advantage of these discounts, you can save on your policy and still be eligible for a substantial discount. However, don’t forget to talk to your State Farm agent about other discounts that you may qualify for.

The most important factor in getting cheaper auto insurance is where you live. State Farm calculates auto insurance costs by ZIP code. Factors such as crime, road conditions, and weather affect the risk of claims, as do other insurance providers. If you live in a dangerous area, you should shop around for the best rate. Fortunately, State Farm can offer affordable auto insurance in most states. But if you have a history of accidents or other risk factors, you might want to consider other insurers.

When it comes to cost, a basic liability policy with State Farm can cost as low as $1,339 a year. However, if you have poor credit or no driving record, you should be prepared to pay a bit more. A minimum coverage policy will cost you around $77 a month. And there are other discounts for good drivers too, including those for passive restraints and anti-theft devices.

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