How to Find the Cheapest Liability Only Insurance

cheapest liability only insurance
cheapest liability only insurance

When choosing the cheapest liability only insurance, you have several options. If you are only looking for liability coverage, you should look for discounts and premiums that are paid in full each month. You should also consider raising your deductible to avoid finance charges. You can also opt for less comprehensive coverage and fewer options. Liability only insurance is affordable, but you should consider all these factors carefully. Read on to find out how to find the best liability only insurance policy.


GEICO has some of the lowest premiums of any insurer and is also one of the largest. Its premium is based on several factors, including location and age of the vehicle. If you live in a small town, for example, you’ll pay less than someone who lives in Miami, which is one of the most dangerous cities in the country. Other factors include your personal driving record, credit score, number of drivers on your account, and the type of car you drive.

You can save a lot of money on your car insurance if you keep your credit score high. Geico offers several discounts based on your driving habits. Drivers who have not had an accident in the last five years can save up to 22% on most coverages. People who always use their seatbelts will also save money on medical payments. In addition to these, GEICO also offers education discounts for taking defensive driving courses and full-time college students.

For a cheaper policy, you can choose the twelve-month payment plan. If you’re paying by the month, you’ll put down $50-$100 up front and then pay the remaining balance over a period of several months. Most GEICO customers enjoy a free trial period before committing to a policy. It also offers Accident Forgiveness, which means that your rates won’t increase after an accident. For seventy-eight dollars a year, GEICO’s liability-only policy meets state requirements and costs just $728 per year. It’s $150 cheaper than increasing your liability limits to meet state requirements. You’ll also enjoy discounts based on your credit score and partnership organizations.


When comparing liability only insurance rates, Progressive is the cheapest choice by far. In addition to competitive pricing, they also offer discounts for drivers who have multiple vehicles, have a clean driving record, and have been insured for several years. These discounts can add up to a significant savings on your insurance policy. Here are some ways you can save money on your policy and make it even cheaper:

The most popular ways to save money on car insurance include enlisting in a Snapshot program, which offers discounts for participating in driving safety courses, signing policy documents online, and reducing your deductibles. Additionally, you can enroll in the company’s Snapshot program, which provides personalized quotes after your first year. If you qualify for Snapshot, you could save an average of $146 per year. It is important to note that teenage drivers tend to cause more accidents, so insurance rates will be higher than they would otherwise be. However, as long as you’re over twenty-one, your rates should stabilize.

One way to save money on insurance is to pay in full upfront. Progressive offers a small discount for people who pay upfront. They bill automatically from your bank account each month on the same day. The amount you save can then be used to lower your premium each month. If you’re unable to pay in full on a particular month, you can even use a deductible savings bank to lower your premium costs.

State Farm

If you’re looking for the cheapest liability only insurance policy, State Farm is a good option. In addition to offering competitive rates, this insurer has excellent discounts for good drivers. Its Drive Safe & Save program can save you as much as 30 percent. Young drivers can take advantage of the Steer Clear(r) program and save even more. In addition, many people appreciate that State Farm offers discounts for safe drivers and safe driving.

You can easily contact a State Farm agent by phone or visit a local branch. These agents can walk you through options and prices, and will help you find the right policy for your needs. You can even use the services of Jerry, who will take care of all the paper work and communicate with State Farm for you. If you’re interested in a policy, consider enlisting the Drive Safe & Save program. This program will save you up to 30% on your insurance premiums.

If you don’t want to spend that much money on liability insurance, you can purchase a low coverage policy through State Farm for about $1,143 per year. If you want higher coverage, however, it’ll cost you $1,325 a year. The rates vary by coverage, but you’ll be protected up to the policy limit. A state farm auto liability policy will pay for the expenses of the other party if you are at fault in an accident.


Allstate insurance is one of the top providers for teen drivers, and a policy from them can cost as little as $2,980 per year. Teen drivers can save on insurance by enrolling in the teenSMART driving skills training program. In addition, students can save money by being full-time students and maintaining good grades. Parents can take advantage of a student discount by insuring their teenagers and if they live more than 100 miles from the garage, they can apply for a distant student discount.

Allstate offers many discounts for safe drivers, and the company’s Safe Driving Club rewards drivers who drive safely. Other discounts include the FullPay discount, which is a discount for paying for a policy in full before the policy begins, and the Early Signing discount, which is available for customers who sign up for the policy seven days before it starts. Drivers who have anti-theft devices or anti-lock brakes can also receive a discount. Another discount is the Allstate eSmart discount, which rewards drivers who opt for paperless document delivery.

The most important factor in choosing an auto insurance company is price. While Allstate is well-known for offering affordable car insurance, you shouldn’t be afraid to compare prices for quality insurance. Allstate offers a wide variety of discounts for customers with multiple vehicles and lines. Discounts for student drivers and retirees are also available, so if you are looking for a cheapest liability only insurance policy, Allstate may be a good choice.

State Farm Auto

If you are looking for the cheapest liability only insurance, State Farm may be your best bet. Their auto insurance rates are low due to the large amount of people they cover. They also offer several discounts to their customers, which are particularly valuable for budget-conscious drivers. These discounts are broken down into three categories: first-time policyholder, multiple-line discount, and senior citizen discount. All of these factors contribute to their low rates, and a combination of these factors makes State Farm Auto insurance the cheapest liability-only policy around.

While the average annual premium for full coverage policies with State Farm is $1,233 per year, it can be as much as $2,744 for those with poor credit. This price is significantly less than the national average. Despite the fact that State Farm isn’t the cheapest policy for people with bad credit, they offer comprehensive coverage for their customers. State Farm auto liability policies cover other people’s expenses up to the policy limit.

In addition to offering the most affordable liability-only insurance, State Farm offers a range of other benefits, including discounts and loyalty bonuses. In one survey, 46% of respondents said they were very likely to recommend State Farm to others. Similarly, 61% said they would renew their State Farm policy and 34% were very likely to recommend it to others. While State Farm isn’t the cheapest insurance company, it is still one of the most affordable options if you have a good credit score and can make a little comparison shopping.


The most basic car insurance policy from Nationwide includes liability and uninsured motorist coverage. The company also offers a number of standard coverage options, including bodily injury liability. Other features include roadside assistance, coverage for teen drivers and classic cars. Nationwide also offers a number of discounts for car insurance policies. The SmartRide program tracks your driving habits and offers discounts based on your safety record. In most states, except Alaska, Idaho and Hawaii, you can get a discount on your monthly premium by enrolling in its program.

Liability-only coverage is suitable for people who do not drive a lot. Liability-only coverage is often more affordable for drivers who are not as active in the car-pooling culture as those who do. Additionally, liability-only insurance covers the minimum state requirements, so you can drive with peace of mind. However, remember that you will have to pay any bills over the limit of your liability coverage. If you have a large bill, you may want to consider taking out additional insurance policies.

As for the rates, Nationwide is better than Geico and USAA. The average premium for both companies is just $1,864 per year, which is considerably less than the national average. However, if you have a history of speeding tickets and driving under the influence, you may be better off with Geico. However, note that this company does not have the best policy for drivers with bad credit.

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