Chris Rawson Nationwide Insurance

chris rawson nationwide insurance

We discussed the benefits of Chris Rawson Nationwide Insurance. To get those benefits, let’s take a look at the team members. They include Bubba, Chanda, and Sim-Tech. How do they compare? Let’s see their background and why we should choose them as our insurance agent.

Cris Rawson

If you’re in the market for a new insurance policy, consider Chris Rawson – Nationwide Insurance. The local branch of this insurance agency in Pearl, Mississippi is located at 2711 Old Brandon Rd. Contacting this local branch is easy. You just need to call their phone number and ask for help.

Pearl Chanda

Chris Rawson has been serving the insurance needs of communities for over 30 years. After teaching and coaching in Meridian, Mississippi, Chris founded Rawson & Associates in 1990. Now with four offices throughout Mississippi, the company focuses on protecting communities and providing outstanding customer service.


“Bubba was born July 31, 1957, in Meridian, Mississippi. He attended Whynot Academy to become a fireman for the Meridian Fire Department. His genuine nature made him a people person. – Person. , who never met a stranger and was always ready to lend a hand. He was a great teacher his passion for education fueled his passion to become an insurance agent.

After graduation, Rosson worked as a theater critic for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He was responsible for identifying the settings of August Wilson’s plays, more than any other critic. In his book August Wilson: Places in His Plays, Rosson collaborated with theater critic Lawrence Glasco.


If you are looking for an industry-proven technology solution to increase your sales productivity, Sim-Tech is the company for you. Sym-Tech is an Aminta Group company serving insurance and finance customers across the country. Their solutions include industry-proven training and a comprehensive suite of products. Chris Rawson Find out why SIM-Tek is the technology of choice for Nationwide Insurance.

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