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Eric Henderson, While most people associate annuity sales with investment products. These products are more than just insurance. This article provides several ways that annuities can help you meet your client’s retirement needs. It also covers how to handle life risk and how to add linked-benefit products to your portfolio. Whether you’re looking for new retirement products or you’re looking for advice on how to invest your money, we can help you find them nationwide.

Putting clients in a better position

After a disciplinary hearing for violating the rules of professional conduct, attorney Eric Henderson with obstruction of an officer’s official duty. Although he was not convicted, the Real Estate Commission used the indictment against him as evidence that he had engaged in dishonest conduct. McIntyre pointed out that Henderson’s real estate license was in jeopardy because his competitors were his fellow commission members.

The author of “The Law Office of Eric Henderson” reveals the secret to success. In his first article, Henderson lists the top 10 most complex topics facing law firms today. Eric Henderson’s personal experience with location intelligence is inspiring. He remembers the first time he held a portable GPS: a device that weighed 35 pounds, fit in his backpack, and had two antennas sticking out of the top.

Adding J.P. Morgan Mozaic IISM index to fixed index annuities

Based on the strength of the Morgan Mosaic Index, J.P. Nationwide’s New High(R) Fixed Index Annuity. It offers both upside market participation and principal guarantees. It is an A+-rated company. If you are considering adding the MOZAIC Index to your fixed index annuity portfolio, here are some things you should keep in mind:

Nationwide’s new higher fixed-indexed annuity offers two unique indicators of growth. The SM Index is a momentum-based index that rebalances monthly across global asset classes. Nationwide New Heights is the only fixed indexed annuity with this index. This index is a popular choice among investors due to its performance in recent years.

Nationwide has entered the fee-based fixed index annuity market. This allows investors to choose their index. Mike Morone, associate vice president of the company’s fixed index annuity product strategy, explains how to choose an index. DoL discusses compliance with fiduciary regulations. There are many reasons to choose a mutual fund or fixed index annuity.

In addition to offering the JPMorgan Mosaic Index, Mosaic Annuities also have the advantage of mitigating the downside risk associated with the stock market. Besides protecting investments from market losses, Mosaic IISM Annuity also offers multiple crediting strategies and patented technologies.

Adding linked-benefit products to annuities

Nationwide Financial’s annuity business segment is led by Eric Henderson, who was elected in October. He is responsible for the financial health of the company’s personal annuity business. Which is currently worth more than $100 billion. Their responsibilities may include overseeing business distribution and sales as well as profitability and strategic initiatives. He serves on the boards of BeltMate and the Insured Retirement Organization.

Some of the most popular linked-benefit features are living benefits in variable annuities. A guaranteed withdrawal benefit, for example, ensures that investors can withdraw the contract value for life. The fixed immediate annuity has also been increased. Added riders allow investors to access money when needed and recover their balance if they die early. Some insurance companies also offer riders that protect the heirs of deceased investors against premature death.

Despite increased interest in linked-benefit products, consumers still have outdated perceptions about these products. A common misconception is that these products provide little liquidity. Most people get back the money they put into insurance products only when they die. Interest rates in these products have increased as a result of liquidity. Eric Henderson Nationwide adds linked-benefit products to annuities to combat this perception.

Managing longevity risk

Managing longevity risk is a concern for insurance providers and financial advisors. While annuities and life insurance are often sold as separate products. Combining these products into one offers various benefits. Eric Henderson, senior vice president of personal products and solutions at Nationwide Financial, discusses these benefits during an interview with RIJ during a retirement industry conference sponsored by LOMA, LIMRA, and the Society of Actuaries.

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