Eric Ross, VP of Corporate Development at Nationwide Insurance

Eric Ross

Eric Ross is the Director of Corporate Development. One that is critical to national business success. As a venture capitalist, he cleared $350 million in early-stage nationwide competition. A nationwide corporate development team works together early and throughout their development to assess strategic insights.

Entrepreneur-in-residence at Nationwide

In his push as an entrepreneur in a nationwide sense, the class oversees a $10 million response to security for the power of startups, police, and police industries. Ross’s background spans the public and private sectors, from Fortune 100 corporations to early-stage cleantech startups. He has 50 thousand patents. He has an MBA from Penn Police.

Venture capitalist at Nationwide

The company’s investment strategy focuses on infrastructure supporting small businesses, cybersecurity, and telematics, as well as insurance such as home security. The nationwide venture capital team is not exclusive in its investments. The team sits on the same floor as the company’s finance leadership. They invest based on the company’s fit with its industry as well as whether the product is viable.

Nationwide Ventures, the investment arm of Nationwide, has doubled its committed capital to $350 million by February 2021. He has a portfolio of more than two dozen companies. It focuses on a variety of areas including fintech, eldercare technology, and the industrial Internet of Things. Nationwide Ventures typically invests in later-stage companies. Seeks opportunities that align with the company’s mission.

While the insurance product itself has not changed over the past century, customer expectations have. Today’s consumer expects a digital experience from their insurance company. In the meantime, the insurance industry is still catching up with those expectations. And with the help of venture capital, companies like Beam can continue to innovate and grow. If the company succeeds in its mission.

Chief Marketing Officer of Nationwide

Countrywide Chief Marketing Officer, Eric Ross, is responsible for innovation and growth at the company. He also leads Nationwide’s venture capital and open innovation efforts, overseeing its $100 million commitment to early-stage companies. Ross brings a unique background working for Fortune 100 companies, public sector organizations, and early-stage technology startups. He holds 50 issued patents and received a BSBA from Bloomsburg University.

He believes that a CVC unit should focus on a unique value proposition and create a product that delivers real value to the parent company. This strategy seems counterintuitive. Ross believes that large enterprise logos offer valuable benefits for startup companies.

Ross has spent the past five years overseeing Nationwide Ventures. which is the corporate unit of the insurance giant. $100 million has been raised to index the business startup. Nationwide has also appointed Terence William as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. It provides an understanding of the technology and science of police fighting in the auxiliary fight. J across the country. May also appoint Scotchase as its chief innovation officer.

Despite some recent shakeups, Nationwide Ventures has performed well. which focuses on the insurance, filling, security, mobility, and technology sectors. Nation Franchise aims to invest in later-stage managed opportunities and startup offerings aligned with the company’s values. Launched in August, this development program results in nationwide-focused solutions and greater retirement lifestyle readiness.

Insurtech veterans

Nationwide Ventures, the venture capital arm of Nationwide Insurance, was founded by Eric Ross, head of mergers and acquisitions. He oversees nationwide investments in venture capital and fintech startups. Nationwide’s $350 million venture capital fund currently has 28 active portfolio companies. The company invests in insurance capabilities, big technology, cyber security, and proptech.

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