Figo Pet Insurance – Benefits and Limitations

Many Figo customers will cite the cost of insurance as a positive, but they should also consider policy limits. Because Figo pet insurance plans are not comprehensive, the pet owner often pays a higher percentage of the total bill. Additionally, Figo’s policies do not cover preventive care or common ailments.

Figo’s pet insurance plans

Whether you’re looking for a simple online pet health insurance plan or comprehensive coverage, Figo’s policies are sure to meet your needs. His plans are extensive. Covers everything from basic veterinary care to cancer treatment, alternative therapies, and prosthetics. They cover 100% of vet bills if you can always get insurance. Cover pro-rated refunds you worry you can’t afford for your pet.

Unlike other pet insurance companies, Figo plans offer various benefits. Many of these plans come with unlimited emergency assistance. This includes on-site surgery and hospitalization. In addition, many of them have a Pet Cloud which allows owners to find other pet owners and share photos.

Limitations of Figo’s plans

Figo’s plans come with certain restrictions. For example, you cannot use the software to download movies or music without paying a fee. Figo also prohibits the reproduction of Connect Images and Connect Content and any other intellectual property.

Regardless of cost, Figo’s plans come with limitations. There is a short waiting period for accidents and illnesses. There is a waiting period of six months for orthopedic problems. Figo also does not cover preventive care and wellness programs. While it reimburses up to 90% of pet vet bills. A large number of common medical procedures and illnesses are then excluded.


Unlike many other pet insurance plans, additional coverage is available for vaccinations, annual checkups, flea treatments, and veterinary exams. Apart from comprehensive insurance, Figo also offers optional power-ups.

Figo is not without controversy. Some customers say that the premium has gone up by 50% due to a recent change in the underwriter. However, this change was not communicated to the customers. Figo is active on the BBB website. It responds to customer reviews and addresses customer complaints, such as pre-existing conditions and waiting periods. You can complete the application online and select the deductible amount and cover amount. If you are unhappy, Figo is an ideal option.

Reimbursement options

Figo is an online pet health insurance provider. These policies are comprehensive and cover the cost of basic veterinary care, hereditary or congenital conditions, vaccinations, veterinary examination fees, cancer treatment, alternative therapies, and prosthetics. If you have a Figo policy for your dog or cat, you will be reimbursed 100 percent of the vet bills.

Figo provides online services and products for various insurance companies. The company’s focus on innovation in the healthcare space is evident in its use of social media to reach its customers. Although it handles all insurance policies, Figo’s website and social media pages make customer service a breeze. In addition, Figo has partnered with three third-party underwriters to ensure that all policies are properly administered.

Despite the benefits of these plans, Figo Insurance is still not as customizable as it could be. While the company claims to offer three plans, in reality, there is only one main plan. Each plan has tiered annual and lifetime maximum benefit limits. The plan covers accidents and illnesses but does not offer wellness plans or accident-only plans.

FIGO offers three pet insurance plans. All three have similar benefits, but they differ in annual payout limits and lifetime maximums. The Preferred plan, which is the most popular option, covers 70% of the total vet bill, while the Preferred plan and the Unlimited plan have lifetime maximums. For example, veterinary examination fees related to covered accidents are covered in the essential plan. Other policies do not provide coverage for such expenses. Unlike most pet insurance plans, Figo also covers hospitalization and diagnostic tests.

Customer service

Unlike many insurance companies, Figo Insurance’s customer service team is accessible through social media channels and email. This innovative company has a deep history of technology and innovation, making itself available to customers through multiple channels.

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