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james epps agency

As an insurance agent, broker, and service company James Epps Agency generates a lot of revenue. The company generates $578,681 in annual revenue. However, it has only one employee. So, how does James Apps Agency compare to its competitors? Continue reading to know more. If you are considering hiring a broker, agent, or service provider, consider these factors.

Insurance agents, brokers, and service businesses work

James Epps Agency, Inc. It is a company that mainly works with insurance agents, brokers, and the service industry. They have been around for 15 years and employ 9 people at one location. James Apps Agency offers the following services:

James Epps Agency employs 1 employees

The James Epps Agency is in Washington, DC. is a full-service public relations firm located. It employs one full-time employee as well as several contract employees and freelancers. Its primary customer is the federal government. While Epps has a longstanding relationship with Trump. Then the recent allegations against him are troubling. The FBI has de-listed his picture from its wanted list. A move that suggests he is part of a conspiracy.

The FBI has accused Epps of bribing contractors to secure government contracts. One source put the value of the corruption at $65 million. But LaMarca estimates a net gain to contractors of $650 million. A third source says the apps were demanding bribes to use influence. The agency also controlled the placement of state prisoners in county jails and facilities. Local prisons often serve as an important source of employment in poor rural communities.

In 2010, the company purchased property in Arizona and registered two limited liability companies at that address. The couple tried farming the property, but in early 2019, they turned their attention to hosting events. Meanwhile, the company employs 1 full-time employee. And while Epps was the head of the department, he made more than 2k a year.

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