Nationwide Affinity Insurance Company of America

nationwide affinity insurance company

Nationwide Affinity Insurance Company of America is a subsidiary of the large American insurer, Nationwide. Established in 1924, the company offers fire insurance products and services. Executive management manages assets through a group of employees. Read on to learn more about the company and its operations. We’ll discuss his recent partnership with Tavis Smiley. Here are the key facts about Nationwide. The company is based in Columbus, Ohio.

Nationwide Affinity Insurance Company

Nationwide Affinity Insurance Company America is an insurance company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. It is a subsidiary of Nationwide Corporation. The company provides fire insurance products. Its executive management team manages the company’s assets. The company provides insurance to businesses, consumers, and other organizations. The company is the largest in the United States.

Partnership with Tavis Smiley

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Tavis Smiley’s holding company, Tavis Smiley Group Inc. It has announced a three-year sponsorship deal. The company will sponsor Smiley’s nightly television show, the State of the Black Union event in February, and his five-city tour. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. The insurance company declined to reveal what the sponsorship agreement is worth.

In 2008, Nationwide began a partnership with Tavis Smiley and sponsored his PBS show “Into the Wild.” The two companies sponsored the Columbus Zoo’s national speaking tour of a new football stadium in Columbus. In August 2010, Nationwide became the official insurance provider for the Cincinnati Bengals. Nationwide, one of the largest insurers in the world, specializes in domestic property and casualty insurance, life insurance, asset management, and strategic investments. In 2008, the two companies announced an agreement for 30-second spots to run in the movie theaters of major metro areas where black people live.

Market conduct

The Waterford Insurance Co. recently changed its name to the Nationwide Affinity Insurance Company of America. There was no need for the insurance company to change its name and go to the Financial Market Examination. The bill includes provisions to strengthen the regulator’s authority over the insurance company. While it may not appear to be very significant, the amendments will make the insurer more accountable for its practices. Here are some key changes that are coming in 2016.


In one of the recent cases involving uninsured motorist coverage, a plaintiff sued the defendant Nationwide Affinity Insurance Company of America for coverage denial. The suit was filed in Onondaga County Supreme Court, Washington, New York. The plaintiff, Marcus James, leased a vehicle and suffered structural damage and deformed sheet metal. The vehicle required body and paintwork. Nationwide denied coverage, arguing that the notice was filed too late. The trial court agreed and granted Nationwide’s summary judgment motion.

Attorneys for both sides argue that Nationwide Affinity Insurance Company of America is responsible for the failure of the insurer to pay a claim. That plaintiff, Heather McDougall, asserted coverage claims against the defendant, Nationwide. The plaintiffs moved the court to compel discovery and increase the number of interrogatories posed. Nationwide, in turn, filed a motion to dismiss the case.

Attorneys at Law for Nationwide

Insurance companies usually have billions of dollars in assets and use this money to increase their profits. Nationwide Insurance will hold onto settlement money for as long as it is legal to do to maximize its profits through interest. this is a difficult task for most people to handle. Fortunately, personal injury attorneys can help. Many offer free consultations.

Attorneys at Law for Nationwide Affusion Insurance Company of America, Inc., and NATEGAMIC FINANCIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA are available to represent you in disputes with these companies. Attorneys will represent the plaintiff and defendant and argue that your rights are protected if your case is resolved in arbitration. The respondent shall be liable to pay the costs of the arbitration.

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