Nationwide Express Review – Service, Locations, and Payroll Costs

Nationwide Express

Want to get the inside scoop on Nationwide Express? Let’s go over the service locations and payroll costs of this company. And we’ll look at the employees. In this review, you’ll learn what you should know you apply. You’ll learn what to expect from this company’s benefits and more! Read on to discover whether this company’s benefits are right for you. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some valuable information to help you decide if Nationwide Express is the best company for you.

Service offered by Nationwide Express

Nationwide Express is a nationwide courier service provider in Malaysia. They provide door-to-door delivery of lightweight and high-value goods to their customers. The company offers an online tracking facility for the orders placed with them. To find out the status of your order, simply log on to their website and follow the prompt instructions provided by the customer support representatives. They are available 24/7. You can even track the status of your order from home. Nationwide Express is a company that provides reliable courier services.

This company has been in private business since 1981. The company offers nationwide express trucking, warehousing, waste management, and third-party logistics services. Interested candidates submit their resumes anonymously to the company website for consideration for the post. The website matches those candidates with the right company to offer a job. The reviews can give them insight into how to interview prospective employees. Positive aspects of the company They can help you find out what to expect.

The courier company should offer you the most advanced technology to provide same-day delivery services. A reputable courier service should have people in the country who can provide the same delivery service. Whether your parcel is big or small, a reputable company can meet your needs. Customers can trust them to handle it. Deliver their parcels and their items quickly. These couriers can deliver your items from any city in the United States.

Payroll costs

As the name implies, payroll costs for express nationwide include wages and commissions paid to employees. They include the net earnings of self-employed workers. The calculation of payroll costs does not include the employer’s share of FICA taxes. The payroll expense estimates are based on a simplified PPP eligibility formula. These estimates do not account for factors like salaries over $100k or overtime. There is no payroll estimate for Express across the country included in the estimated total employment cost.


One of the biggest awards that the company gives its employees is the Employee of the Year award. The award is presented annually at the International Leadership Conference starting in 2022. This year, the award will go to Samantha Minard, who was nominated by her employer’s Medford location. As a cash prize of $5,000, Samantha will receive a year of travel meals. Read on to learn more about this prestigious honor.

Zippia’s Best Places to Work list ranks Nationwide Express as #51 of the best companies to work for in Tennessee. The company ranks high on Zippia’s Best Places to Work list, based on proprietary data about wages and company health. The list takes into account the diversity of the workforce. On average, employees stay with the company for 3.5 years and earn $44,474 annually. While this is not the highest-paying company. It pays its employees well.

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