Nationwide Insurance SmartMiles

nationwide insurance smartmiles

The cost of Nationwide Insurance SmartMiles depends on how many miles you drive. Your base rate will remain the same throughout your policy. You will only be charged per mile if you drive more than a predetermined number of miles. The base rate depends on your vehicle’s rating, location, and driving history. The per-mile rate depends on the same factors. Usually between five and seven cents per mile.


Sign up for the KnowYourDrive program if you want your action insurance premiums. This usage-based insurance program allows drivers to demonstrate their driving skills. Sign up for the program and you can save up to 20 percent on your car insurance premium. You can exit the program At any time and continue driving normally. The discount will be automatically applied at the time of policy renewal.

The nationwide smartride service does not charge per mile but instead uses GPS-enabled devices to monitor your driving habits. It keeps track of your speed, acceleration, hard braking, and when you drive at night. The program will also track your mileage as you drive more. Increases the risk of car accidents. Those who don’t drive much can take advantage of the SmartRide program. Because it periodically offers a ten percent discount on registration and a thirty percent discount on premiums.

While the SmartMiles app can be convenient, the information recorded is only used to calculate the discount. Nationwide Insurance does not use this information for rate increases and does not share your data with third parties. As long as you keep the app updated. Until then you can proceed without worrying about a speeding ticket. You won’t have to worry about losing coverage due to uninsured drivers. If you are not careful while driving, your insurance rates will continue to decrease.

Pay-per-mile auto insurance

You can save money on your car insurance by lowering your base rate. SmartMiles is a nationwide program. which measures the miles you drive using a device you plug into your car’s OBD port. It is effective for most vehicles built after 1996, but hybrid and diesel cars are not eligible. Once you’ve signed up for SmartMiles, you can log into your account online to monitor your driving habits and see how much you’re saving.

To use this program, you must have an active account with your insurer. Some companies offer telematics devices to track mileage. Offers discounts for safe driving. Some companies accept photographs of the odometer as proof of mileage. Pay-per-mile auto insurance with Nationwide Insurance Smart Miles can be a good choice for anyone. Those who use their car for occasional trips or to park in a garage.

SmartMiles works by combining your base rate with your cost-per-mile. Your premium will be reduced based on how many miles you drive each month. You won’t save money on your policy if you drive more than 13,000 miles per year. If you drive less than 5,000 miles a year. So you can save up to $444 a year. This is comparable to other pay-per-mile auto insurance programs.

Mile Auto

When you enroll in the nationwide SmartMiles program you will receive many benefits, including lowering the cost of your insurance, whether you are a high mileage driver or a careful driver program can significantly lower your premiums. Nationwide believes the switch to autonomous vehicles will be gradual. That’s why SmartMiles is offered in Illinois. The company hopes to expand the program to other states this year.

A typical SmartMiles policy combines the base rate and cost-per-mile to calculate your monthly premium. The first 250 miles driven each day do not count towards your monthly premium. Nationwide also measures your driving habits with the SmartMiles device. If you drive safely and avoid speeding, you may be eligible for a 10% discount on your base rate. Bad driving habits can increase your monthly premium.

SmartMiles by Nationwide is a pay-per-mile auto insurance plan. This type of auto insurance plan calculates the premium based on how many miles you drive each month. Low-mileage drivers and those who work from home may consider the pay-per-mile option. It’s also easier on the budget than most traditional car insurance. Before you sign up for SmartMiles, it’s important to read the fine print.


The nationwide SmartMiles program allows consumers to save on their auto insurance costs by tracking their miles. Members may be eligible for up to 40% discount on their policy when they renew. The program works by plugging members into a small device to track their miles and submit data nationwide. Once registered, members can receive a mail-in device marked with the make and model of their vehicle. When they drive more than a certain amount of miles. The program then calculates the cost of their coverage.

Discounts are based on your actual mileage, and the program offers discounts for safe driving. A 35-year-old male has a 10% discount for driving safely. He can use his SmartMiles portal to track his monthly payments. This program offers the same coverage as a traditional auto policy. Which is very cheap. SmartMiles also benefits older drivers. Those who have seen their rates increase due to age. Using the program, drivers can only pay for the tracked miles they drive. Instead, they spend the miles they collect.

SmartMiles is a nationwide auto insurance plan. It offers the same coverage as a standard nationwide auto policy. SmartMiles users can save up to $540 a year using the program. Users need to pay more mileage only after their policy is renewed. SmartMiles customers can also get a 10% discount for safe driving. Available in Illinois and will expand to other states throughout 2019.

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