Nationwide is on Your Side

Nationwide is on Your Side

With the launch of its new television commercial, Nationwide Is On Your Side seeks to make its brand more familiar to younger consumers. This year’s campaign features the 55-year-old jingle and stars R&B musician H.E.R. It’s not just any old jingle. The new commercial features several celebrity endorsers, Tori Kelly, Jill Scott, and Brad Paisley.

Jill Scott – Nationwide Side

In the latest television commercial for Nationwide Insurance, singer Jill Scott joins the roster of artists reworking the iconic jingle. Along with Brad Paisley Leslie Odom, Jr., Scott helped create a new song for the campaign. The new tune highlights the company’s dedication to customers. The new commercial debuts Sept. 7 and features a soaring message of hope and support.

The songs are a lyrical and emotional journey for Scott, who sings with Nationwide’s signature swagger. “When someone is by your side, you feel better.” She sings about the power of family: a parent who helps carry. Goods, a child eagerly awaits the arrival of siblings and parents who are financially savvy. With Nationwide, you can rest assured that an insurance policy has someone on your side.

Brad Paisley – Nationwide Side

In a national on-air commercial, Brad Paisley is the voice we’ve come to love and trust. The singer is a global superstar with 4.8 billion career streams and is a remarkably prolific entertainer. His first prime-time special, Brad Paisley Thinks He’s Special, attracted 18 million viewers in its first run.

Nationwide Insurance has released a new ad campaign featuring country music superstar Paisley. Paisley stars in a series of videos titled “Bread Paisley Songs for All Your Sides” featuring a variety of people and situations, from fathers and sons to new homeowners. NBC’s coverage of the Olympics will air commercials. Brad Paisley’s new commercial will debut on Sunday during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Peyton Manning is a famous country music superstar. The two reunited for a new nationwide insurance commercial. exemplified the versatility and swagger of a country music star. Peyton Manning, the two are best friends, appears in a National Football League ad alongside the singing star. In a new commercial, Paisley and Manning are pictured playing guitar and singing to their fans.

Leslie Odom Jr.

Apart from acting, Odom has written several books. The album featured new songs and a holiday LP, The Christmas Album. The song “Sam Cook” was one of the best-selling singles from her debut album.

As an actor, Odom Jr. has won multiple Tony Awards and Grammy Awards. His Broadway credits include the role of Aaron Burr in the musical “Hamilton.” The musical won a Grammy Award for Best Original Song Outstanding Lead Actor. He has released three albums of his music. He starred in the biopic “Harriet Tubman” in 2016.

A popular movie starring Odom is “Red Tales.” Directed by David Chase, the film is a prequel to the critically acclaimed HBO series. The film stars Michael Shannon. The soundtrack includes songs by Michael Shannon.

Tori Kelly

Focusing on the importance of commercial insurance, Nationwide is with you. Tori Kelly plays guitar to open the commercial. The story shows a mother teaching her son how to overcome his son’s nervousness. Tori sings, “It’s okay, everything’s okay,” as she reassures the nervous boy.

A business message that is easy to understand will make the company more memorable. Tori Kelly emphasizes hope and hard work, which make life worth living. The ad shows a nice car, a clean neighborhood, and a thriving business.

The award-winning singer contributes her smooth R&B style to the Nationwide Is On Your Side commercial. Tori Kelly is currently recovering from her second COVID-19 vaccination. The commercial will air throughout the wildcard round playoff games and will be accompanied by a jingle. This commercial is a must-watch if you are considering sponsoring Nationwide.

The singer’s voice and lyrics are reminiscent of the singing style of Darius Rucker and Jana Kramer. The commercial demonstrates the various security options offered by Nationwide. The commercial features the brand’s slogan “Nationwide is on your side.” Tori Kelly will follow previous singers who have sung for the company. Tori Kelly’s commercial for the brand is a great example of how the song fits the message.

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