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new nationwide commercial

The New Nationwide Commercial from State Farm features Rachel Platten singing a “fight song” for the insurance company. Platten plays piano and sings the “early morning dad side,” the “how do I retire at 50 sides,” and the “sure, you can keep the kitty side.” The commercial is a clever take on the age-old question of who has the hardest job. But will people listen? Probably not.

H.E.R. Platten

The new nationwide commercial stars Grammy-winning singer H.E.R. Platten, who plays the piano for the brand and sings about how to care for family and pets with the help of a Nationwide policy. The music video follows the lead of other Nationwide artists, including Brad Paisley and Justin Timberlake. Platten’s new nationwide commercial reveals a more mature side of the singer.

H.E.R. Platten is not the only pop star collaborating with Nationwide. Brad Paisley has also signed on to sing the commercial’s jingle. Platten’s new commercial features her voice, while Jana Kramer’s is a familiar sound. The commercial is the second Nationwide ad to feature a brown-haired actor.

“Nationwide is on Your Side” is the slogan of the brand’s new commercial. This commercial is aimed at people who need protection for their families and their homes. The company’s services help people grow. Its ad campaigns use the music of talented artists to highlight the many types of protection offered by Nationwide. Brad Paisley’s video can be found here.

Jana Kramer

In a new nationwide commercial for the company, Jana Kramer plays a super sleuth in the hopes of solving a mystery. This new commercial, filmed in Los Angeles, debuted earlier this month and will run through the end of the year. The commercial features Kramer and children from the Honduras village of Olivos. Kramer has also appeared in television shows including Friday Night Lights, Entourage, and Beverly Hills 90210.

The jingle from Nationwide Insurance has been in the air for a year now, but this is the first time Kramer is in a commercial for the company. The new commercial, called “Join the Nation,” features Kramer in a skin-tight leather suit and the company’s signature jingle. Julia Roberts provides the main voiceover. The jingle in the new Nationwide commercial is catchy and Jana Kramer’s look will turn heads.

This TV ad is a spoof on the ‘On Your Side’ jingle from Nationwide Insurance. Kramer’s voiceover reflects the company’s brand message of being a member and a lifelong advocate. Nationwide’s ‘On Your Side’ jingle, featuring Kramer’s voiceover, is the first ad Kramer has sung for the company. The ad premiered during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games and will air nationally through the remainder of next year.

The new Nationwide Insurance commercial stars a country singer and actress named Jana Kramer. Kramer is the voice behind the jingle “Nationwide is on your side.” Julia Roberts provides the voice-over for the spoken pieces of the Nationwide ad, but Jana Kramer has been busy recording and performing music on the side. Despite her hectic schedule, she manages to make a full-time career out of the jingle.

Brad Paisley

Paisley teamed up with Nationwide again, this time for a spoof on the NFL quarterback. Paisley strums his guitar as Manning pitches his song about home insurance. stops him mid-song and tells Manning he wants to make it “more of a mash-up”. Previously associated with Nationwide, previously wrote a jingle for the company.

The country music superstar previously appeared in a Nationwide commercial, but this time, he sings a new song for the company. Titled “Songs for All Your Sides”, the advertising campaign aims to differentiate the brand in terms of products and services. It is to show the nationwide differentiation in the mind of the customer. The ad will debut on NBC during the Olympics opening ceremony.

Jake from State Farm

As State Farm prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary, it decided to launch a new campaign to modernize the iconic brand attributes while reinforcing the messaging. The new commercial highlights the iconic “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is here for you” tagline. State Farm is planning to roll out additional ads featuring Jake in the coming year. The campaign will run during the Super Bowl pregame and feature the new commercial with him sitting in his cubicle.

The Jake from State Farm commercial who plays Jake in the new State Farm commercial is Kevin Miles. The actor was selected through an in-company contest for the role of Jake. The actor’s meekness won him the role. Despite his meekness, he is now worth $2 million. While Jake is unlikely to change the world in a single commercial, Jake has managed to make its brand more memorable and fun than ever.

Before the 2020 Super Bowl, Rodgers starred in several State Farm commercials. He was joined by fellow Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews in several of them. Matthews served as the second fiddle in these commercials, adding a comedic element. Patrick Mahomes joined the cast shortly after a new ad campaign introducing the new Jack. He starred in a commercial titled “Patrick Price.”

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