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paul mears insurance

Paul Mears Insurance Company is in Valdez, North Carolina. It is a part of Nationwide Insurance Network. Paul Mears Insurance is an insurance agent, broker, and services business/industry company. The company is based in the United States and employs approximately 7 people at its single location. It generates $859,366 in annual revenue.

Paul Mears Insurance is a North Carolina insurance company

Paul Mears Insurance is a North Carolinian insurance agency that is part of the Nationwide Group. The company offers homeowners, auto, life, and renters insurance. The company was established in 1948. Paul Mears is a nationwide agency Paul D. Mears operates an insurance office in the local community. They employ seven people at this one location.

Owner Paul Meyers graduated from East Tennessee State University in 1988 and holds a Business Administration and MBA from Gardner Webb University. He enjoys hiking the Appalachian Trail, playing golf, and being a humanitarian through Rotary. He is by six children and his wife Alicia. In 2018, Mears was Rotarian of the Year. Being an engaged citizen and community partner is important to Paul Meyers.

It generates $859,366 in annual revenues

Paul Mears Insurance, a business in Valdes, NC, is an agency, brokerage, and other insurance activities business. The company employs 7 people at its various locations and generates $859,366 in annual revenue. The company is part of a nationwide organization. His primary occupation is as an insurance agent. The company was in 1987 and is currently based in Valdes.

It employs 7 people

Paul Mears Insurance is a family-run business with seven employees located in Orlando, Florida. The business’ focus is on the public sector, delivering housing and mixed-use regeneration schemes to local authorities. Mears is establishing an independent scrutiny board to ensure the company meets the highest standards. Employees don’t have to worry about benefits, retirement, or worker’s compensation, Mears provides coverage for drivers and passengers.

Based in Valdes, North Carolina, Paul Mears Insurance is part of a nationwide group specializing in insurance agents, brokers, and services. It has been in business for 32 years and currently employs 7 people at a single location. Seven employees work from one office location.

The company plans to build a new $20 million headquarters in Orlando to accommodate its growing business. r’s growing presence threatens the taxi industry, the plan is on hold for now. In Orlando, Uber launched UberX, a service for personal vehicles. The company is now charging lower fares for Mears Taxis. If Mears doesn’t make the changes, Uber will no longer serve Orlando residents.

A case in 1994 was of taxi drivers. They were led by Gumbs, the Association of Independent Airport Transportation Drivers, and demanded a luxury sedan service contract. They filed a suit in the same court four years ago. The case was a month later. As the company continues to operate, the company’s former employees pose the most serious challenge to Merc’s dominance.

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