Best Car Insurance For New Drivers Under 25

Comparing all the different policies available can seem overwhelming, but there are some basic differences between the different types of coverage. The best car insurance for new drivers under the age of 25, full coverage insurance covers liability, comprehensive, and collision. Liability-only insurance is less expensive but does not provide financial protection for your vehicle.


Whether you’re a teen driver or a young adult, Geico’s average study rates represent significant savings compared to other insurance companies’ averages. For example, a new driver with an 800 credit score will pay less than an experienced driver with a speeding ticket — but not as much as a 19-year-old with a 500 credit score. Some states prohibit these gender-based rate adjustments, but most do.

No matter where you live, Geico car insurance for new drivers under 25 is a great option for young drivers. For drivers with limited driving experience, USAA and Geico may be the best choices. However, there are also many companies with affordable plans for new drivers. Geico has excellent customer service. If you’re looking for the cheapest new driver insurance, you can’t go wrong with these four companies.

New drivers under the age of 25 will need to get several quotes to compare rates. Since the cost of insurance is quite high, it is best to shop around for the cheapest rates. Younger drivers are often charged higher rates, but prices drop over time as they gain experience. Insurance companies like Geico are also available at more affordable rates, with some companies charging as little as $1200 per year. Geico car insurance for new drivers under the age of 25 will cost about $1,198 annually. Whether you choose Geico or another insurance company, make sure you shop around for the best deal.


The cost of auto insurance can be high for young drivers, especially when they are still in high school. It’s common for parents to get a big bill to add their teenager to their policy, but fortunately, shopping around can make the financial blow a little less overwhelming. New drivers under the age of 25 usually pay the highest rates due to their inexperience. While most insurance companies will lower rates for drivers with bad driving records, violations like accidents or speeding tickets will increase the cost of auto insurance. State Farm’s rates for young drivers are cheaper than the Allstate average.

Allstate has many concessions for good students. The Good Student Driver Discount applies to those attending school more than a hundred kilometers from their home. If you are a new driver, you can avail of the discount even if you have completed a driver safety course. A retiree discount is also available for drivers with Allstate insurance for three years or more. These discounts can significantly reduce your costs.


Young adults can save on auto insurance by enrolling in SmartRide programs nationwide. By using an app to track driving habits, young adults can save up to 40% on certain types of coverage. Often, young adults spend less time behind the wheel because they are in school, so discounts on this type of insurance are especially important. Interested young drivers can get up to a 10% discount or even more for good driving habits.

Young drivers should compare quotes from different insurance companies to get the best possible rates on auto insurance. While each insurance company has different policies and prices, most will offer discounts for combining policies with a spouse or domestic partner. These discounts can significantly reduce premiums, but young drivers should always be aware of the costs of merging policies with their partner or spouse. If possible, try to combine policies with the same insurer.


If you are a young driver under the age of 25, the branch may be a good choice for you. Founded in 2017, this online insurance provider aims to increase transparency and reduce premiums for most drivers. You can price a policy in 30 seconds and the company has an A+ rating for financial strength. The branch also has an updated digital claim process. You can manage your claims online or through the company’s mobile app.

There are many different factors you should consider before deciding on a policy. Check if the company offers accident waivers. Which is a great way to reduce your premium. Accident waiver is another option, as it applies to one family member on a single policy. This feature helps prevent your premium from skyrocketing in an accident when you are at fault. If you are under 25 years of age, you may want to consider liability-only insurance.

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