CURE Car Insurance Review
CURE Car Insurance Review

When looking for car insurance, CURE is an excellent choice. This provider bases its quotes primarily on your driving history. When an insurance agent quotes you a comprehensive policy, they take several factors into account, including your driving history, tickets, homeowner status, and education level. The result is that you can often be charged for coverage you do not need or want. CURE makes finding affordable coverage easier than ever. Read on to learn how to find the best car insurance company for you.

Good driver discount

If you have a clean driving record and have had no accidents or tickets in the past three years, you may be eligible for a good driver discount with CURE car insurance. This discount is up to 40% for all coverage types, including basic first party and medical expense benefits. In addition, CURE car insurance customers can enjoy a 15% discount for off-street parking and a 50% discount for parking in a secure facility, which requires a code key to enter.

The CURE car insurance website does not list all discounts available to you, and eligibility varies by state. It’s best to obtain a quote to find out if you can qualify for the discounts offered by CURE. Additionally, the company only underwrites policies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, so your state may not be covered. As a result, the claims process with CURE may be more complicated than you think. However, customers have generally positive feedback regarding customer service at CURE. Customer service representatives are generally friendly and helpful, and they encourage you to shop around for cheaper rates. Additionally, you can cancel your policy at any time, and you’ll receive a full refund of unused premiums within 60 days.

Compared to other car insurance providers, CURE reverses the usual roles of the two groups of consumers. Currently, single drivers under 25 years of age are charged the highest rates, whereas married couples with homes and children would be charged the lowest. However, due to the change in state law, married couples without children and no assets lose their “preferred-risk” status and won’t be eligible for a good driver discount on CURE car insurance.

Another difference between CURE and other companies is that the CURE online quote system gives a good driver discount of up to 40%. This is a great deal, considering that it’s a third cheaper than most other companies in New Jersey. If you’re a new business owner, you can also get a good driver discount of up to 40% on your policy. Just be sure to read the policies and check for eligibility requirements before signing up.

Requires clean driving record

CURE is a low-cost car insurance company in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The company rewards good drivers by lowering their rates and offers next-day coverage. A clean driving record is important for a CURE car insurance quote. Some customers complain that the company takes too long to resolve claims. Others report that their claims are paid out quickly. You can find out more about CURE’s benefits and policies by reading customer reviews.

CURE offers reasonable policies based on your driving history. If you have a clean driving record, you may qualify for a significant discount. Unfortunately, this car insurance company is only available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of customization options. While CURE has good customer service, it does not have the best financial strength ratings or J.D. Power customer satisfaction ratings.

CURE is a good auto insurance company in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It bases its rates on your driving record and offers a variety of insurance options. These include bodily injury liability, towing and labor coverage, and collision coverage. CURE offers both a basic policy and a standard policy. The basic package is lower-cost than the standard policy, and some drivers find it offers a good balance between cost and coverage.

CURE has a very easy-to-use website. You can get a quick quote online and save it for later. Its website is not mobile friendly, and the only way to report a claim is to call the customer service line. Claims are handled by a partner organization, so they may take longer to process. The customer service center is also open twenty-four hours a day, so you can call any time of the day.

Founded in 1990 in New Jersey, CURE is an auto insurance provider based on the needs of low-income and high-risk drivers. Unlike traditional insurance companies, CURE doesn’t take your credit history into consideration when determining your premium. CURE’s auto insurance policies are based on your driving history, and the lower your risk, the lower your premium will be. To find a policy, you’ll have to meet certain criteria, including a clean driving record.

Fast claims process

CURE auto insurance rates are based on driving history alone, rather than factors such as credit score, homeownership, and income. Although most car insurance companies use these factors as a basis for rate determination, CURE considers them as secondary to accident risks. It is not a perfect car insurance company, however, and customers report that their claims are processed very slowly, while others say their claims were resolved very quickly. This is not to say that CURE is the only company with slow claims resolution.

CURE also offers a range of discounts for its policyholders. Some discounts apply to different policies and are specific to state law. Keeping your car in a garage will lower your comprehensive coverage, but not liability coverage. Loss-free discount: Having no claims for two years is sufficient to qualify for a 5% discount, which increases with three and five years of claim-free driving. This means you should make claims if you do need to.

CURE car insurance offers three basic coverage options. Standard coverage quotes are more affordable than personal quotes and offer basic coverage options. Those looking for extra protection can upgrade to a standard policy. It provides additional protection and options and pre-fills some coverage choices, while a personal quote is more customizable. If you are concerned about the cost of insurance, it might be wise to get a personal quote to avoid any unexpected expenses down the road.

The claims process with CURE is generally long. Customers have complained about unresponsive and inefficient customer service. But some have reported fast claims processes and prompt payouts. When you have an accident, you can call the claims number and speak with a claims representative without being interrupted by voice mails. The claims phone line is open 24 hours a day, so if you need help, you can contact CURE anytime. The company is available around the clock, which is a big plus.

Non-judgmental company

If you’re looking for car insurance that doesn’t judge people, consider Cure. The company provides insurance coverage for bodily injury and property damage, and it contributes to your legal defense if you’re sued. Cure’s bodily injury coverage limits are $500,000 and $100,000, respectively. Fortunately, it also covers the injuries caused by uninsured motorists. In addition, its 24/7 roadside assistance offers assistance for up to $125 per incident.

In addition to offering affordable car insurance in New Jersey, CURE Auto Insurance also offers next day coverage and is open to all types of payment, including debit and credit cards. They also offer a quote without a credit check. These are great options for people with poor credit, and CURE knows that finding a reliable insurance company is a challenge. The company is dedicated to helping people get the coverage they need at an affordable price.

Another benefit of CURE’s basic car insurance policy is its extensive list of discounts. Although discounts can vary from state to state, most of them apply only to certain coverage types. For example, keeping your car in a garage reduces your comprehensive coverage, but does not affect liability coverage. CURE policyholders also receive a loss-free discount, which increases as you go without making a claim for two years. After three years, the discount goes up to 10%, and five years or more earns you a 20% discount.

CURE Auto Insurance has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The company has had only 10 complaints filed in the last three years. Its Google Reviews page contains over 700 customer reviews, and it has responded to all of them. While it’s important to choose a car insurance company that specializes in car insurance, Cure’s flexible plans are ideal for people with busy lifestyles. You’ll be glad you went with them.

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