erie car insurance quote
erie car insurance quote

An Erie car insurance quote is available in several different forms and formats. The online form will generate an estimated payment amount and yearly premium. You can also choose to view insurance discounts and adjust collision and comprehensive deductibles. Erie Insurance agents will contact you to discuss the details of your coverage. This form is easy to fill out, and you can begin your quote process immediately. To learn more about Erie Insurance and to compare quotes, visit their website.


If you’re shopping for auto insurance, you might want to look into discounts on Erie car insurance. Many insurance companies offer discounts for several types of insurance, so combining policies can save you money. For instance, you can get a multi-policy discount when you purchase auto and life insurance through one company. You can also earn a multi-car discount if you insure two or more vehicles. This type of discount is great for people who own several cars and need insurance for their cars.

Erie also offers discounts for several types of discounts for drivers. For example, you can get a 6% discount for paying your entire premium up front and you can save up to 30% if you own multiple cars with Erie. If you’re married, you can save up to 25% by bundling your policies with the same insurance company. Those who live with their parents can also qualify for a youthful driver discount.

Another discount for older drivers is available through Erie. Depending on your age and driving history, you can receive a ten percent discount if you’ve never made a claim on your policy. If you’re 55 years or older, you can receive a special discount if you have passed a driver training course in the last three years. However, you must take a training course to qualify for this offer.

Discounts on Erie car insurance can be obtained for many different reasons. Some of these discounts include storing your car for 90 days or more, or for reducing your car’s value. Some of these discounts are not available in every state, so be sure to check the details of your state’s insurance laws before signing up. You may also be eligible for discounts on insurance premiums for certain types of cars. You can find the best discounts on Erie auto insurance by comparing quotes online.

Customer service

If you’re looking for ERIE car insurance customer service, you’ve come to the right place. The company offers a wide variety of contact methods, including email, live chat, and social media accounts. To send an e-mail, simply visit Erie’s customer care page and complete the form. If you prefer, you can also post comments on YouTube and Instagram. The company also responds to comments on both sites.

Customers can also make use of the Erie mobile app to keep track of their policy, make payments, track claims, and contact their agent. Erie also has a mobile app available for Android and iPhone users. Both have 3.3-star ratings in the App Store. It also provides a quick way to contact an agent in case of an emergency. Erie also strives to provide excellent customer service, and they value the privacy of their customers.

One of the best things about ERIE is that it offers a range of auto discounts. In fact, some of these discounts can save you as much as 40% on your policy. Other discounts may include low-mileage discounts or a clean driving record. Even those with a bad credit history can qualify for a free quote from Erie. The company also offers affordable renters insurance. Although Erie is not the cheapest car insurance provider in the nation, it does offer competitive rates and great customer service.

When shopping for car insurance, make sure you look for a company that offers multiple options for customer support. You can talk with a live agent, use an online quote tool, or even use an Erie mobile app. Although you may not be able to make a claim through their app, you can lock your rates and choose a deductible on the same device. Many policies offer additional services, such as roadside assistance, rental car assistance, and $75 for unexpected travel expenses.

Complaint index

An annual Automobile Complaint Index from the Texas Department of Insurance gives a snapshot of insurers’ performance. It displays the number of justified complaints and policies in force for each company. Then, it compares those figures to the industry average. Companies with low ratios are generally considered to have fewer complaints than insurers with high ratios. The larger the ratio, the greater the complaints for that particular company. So, if the state you live in has a large complaint ratio, you may want to choose a different insurer.

Among the best-rated auto insurance companies in the US, Erie Auto Insurance consistently ranks high on consumer satisfaction surveys. The results are sampled from a larger and smaller network of car insurance agents. It is consistently ranked among the top five in J.D. Power’s list of top insurance companies. Similarly, the Customer Complaint Ratio, published by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, tracks the number of public complaints against insurance companies. Ideally, a company’s ratio falls below one.

Insurify has compiled data from state insurance regulators. The results show that Erie has consistently maintained high rankings, with a composite score of 85 out of 100. The company received the highest customer satisfaction rating for its car insurance division from J.D. Power. Insurify’s index weighs a variety of factors to calculate its overall rating. The results are a guide to determining the quality of Erie auto insurance.

The market share and complaint ratio of a company are important in comparison shopping for an auto insurance policy. While a high number of complaints does not necessarily indicate poor service, a high complaint number could be a red flag for poor customer service. While Erie had more complaints than expected, it was lower for home or life insurance. However, it is worth taking a look at a company’s overall performance when comparing auto insurance quotes.

Rate lock program

Erie car insurance has started a rate lock program for customers. It limits premium changes to three events: a change in driver, a change in vehicle, and a shift in address. This new approach is popular among insurance agents and new business. However, it comes at a price. Erie has a waiting period of three years. Rate lock is not for everyone, so be sure to ask your agent for details.

Erie has a variety of features, endorsements, and add-ons for consumers to choose from. The company is backed by superior financial strength. They have been rated very high by J.D. Power and have a strong reputation for customer service and claims satisfaction. Rate Lock is another attractive feature of Erie car insurance. It is available in 12 states. However, if you live in one of these states, the company’s policy may not be available for you.

Another benefit of rate lock is that you don’t have to worry about the rate rising after filing a claim. If you’re buying a new car or are replacing the old one, Erie will replace it with the latest model. However, if you’ve been driving it for more than two years, you’ll be able to claim for the newer model. You can also lock your current car insurance rate by entering your zip code. The website will tell you your new rate.

Erie offers many benefits, including discounts and a rate lock program. You can bundle your policies with other insurance products for a bigger savings. Combined with the Rate Lock program, Erie car insurance customers can save up to 25% on their premiums. In addition to a low premium, Erie insurance is the best choice for teen drivers because of the company’s competitive rates. Moreover, it offers a discount for home-based drivers and discounts for completing driving classes. Erie also awards prizes for safe driving.

Classic car coverage

Getting classic car coverage is a bit like getting regular car insurance, but it is usually less expensive. Classic car insurance is designed for those who do not use their cars on a daily basis and often has lower costs because the insurance company will base the premium on the model year and how many miles you drive it every year. If you want to protect your investment, you’ll need to make sure the car has the right kind of coverage.

When you purchase classic car insurance, you can rest assured that you will receive adequate coverage for your vehicle. You can even choose to insure your new car too, as long as it meets certain requirements. In addition, classic car insurance may even provide additional benefits, like tiered mileage plans or coverage for spare parts. Plus, you can add automobile memorabilia to the policy, if you want to. In short, classic car insurance is the best way to protect your investment.

Classic car coverage is especially important for classic and antique cars. An insurance policy for these types of vehicles will cover any type of damage caused by them. This is why the Insurance Information Institute defines a classic car as an automobile that is at least 25 years old. It can be used for a variety of purposes, from purely private use to preserving its historical value. Your insurance agent can help you choose the best plan for your needs.

While Erie car insurance is available online, the agency also offers coverage for ATVs and classic cars. You can choose whether to protect your vintage car or ride-sharing car. In the event of a wreck, your policy will cover veterinarian expenses up to $500 per pet. In addition, you’ll get a vanishing deductible, emergency roadside assistance, and a vanishing deductible. Erie also offers home insurance and renters insurance, condo insurance, and mobile home insurance.

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